Little Helping Hand

Clean up castle to sparkle!

Prince Kaka and Princess Lele are preparing to host a party in their castle, but the castle is in a mess now! We need your little helping hands to organize toys and clothes in the living room, clean up the kitchen with the dirty dishes, and take care of the garden, too!
There are 6 rooms and places: garden, kitchen, bedroom, study, bathroom and living room! And 24 cleaning tasks like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, ironing clothes, and watering plants, etc.! Let’s tidy them up so nice that they will sparkle! No rules and goals, play freely!
Work hard to get rewards! The princes and princesses will cheer up for you! Besides, you could get cute stickers with every 6 tasks completed! Try to collect them all!
- 6 different castle rooms
- 24 cleaning tasks
- Interesting music and animation
- no rules and play freely
- Cute sticker rewards
- No Wi-Fi needed. It can be played anywhere.

Let’s explore the fantasy world with Kaka!

Kaka and his little sister Lele lives in the old mansion their grandma left them. Kaka is curious about everything and he always dreams of going for an adventure. Lele is the most sweet and kind-hearted little princess. They have 4 best friends: Pearl is like an elder sister to them; Alva is so brilliant and talented that he knows pretty much everything; Carol doesn’t talk much but once she does, she can’t stop…Tab fears nothing and full of peculiar thoughts, but he can’t do these without lollipops…

Let’s create precious memories and stories together!