My Donuts Shop

Manage Your Donut Shop!

Everyone loves Sweet and delicious donuts! Start your own donut shop! Customers are waiting in line! Make donuts as fast as possible as your customers required. Collect coins to upgrade your tools and ingredients, so you could speed up and get more tips!
If you are lucky, a fever mode will be unlocked. Then you will get the chance to earn more coins!
What are you waiting for! Come and run your dream donut shop!
Game Features:
Easy operations! Just click click click!
Fever Mode! Earn more coins!
Upgrade the ingredients and tools!
Beautiful interior decorations to create your own shop!

Let’s explore the fantasy world with Kaka!

Kaka and his little sister Lele lives in the old mansion their grandma left them. Kaka is curious about everything and he always dreams of going for an adventure. Lele is the most sweet and kind-hearted little princess. They have 4 best friends: Pearl is like an elder sister to them; Alva is so brilliant and talented that he knows pretty much everything; Carol doesn’t talk much but once she does, she can’t stop…Tab fears nothing and full of peculiar thoughts, but he can’t do these without lollipops…

Let’s create precious memories and stories together!